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2022 - NZ - Urban Street Planning and Design Guide


2022 - NZ - Urban Street Planning and Design Guide

The Guide supports system level thinking as a direct action through the Road to Zero action plan, supporting the land transport system to give effect to safe system principles, mode shift, good urban form, places for people, and environmental outcomes.

The Guide links the reader to resources which are part of the street system including: health and safety, movement and place functions supporting the ONF, urban mobility and multi-modal networks, speed management and road space allocation decisions, parking and freight, and good urban design and form.

The Guide sets out the expectations for integrated planning and design processes for streets. It establishes a ‘common’ set of objectives and principles to provide consistency for the sector, and local government in the development of street manuals and plans.

The primary audiences for this Guide are council partners and Waka Kotahi staff and their suppliers involved in establishing forward-looking network plans to re-shape urban street networks. The Guide provides support to ‘place’ investment policy for the land transport system.
The Guide also supports contractors and professional services suppliers responsible for developing and implementing the ONF and urban street projects.

Further supporting information will be available via the Street Improvement programme resources and ‘community of practice’ forums. This will include webinars and presentations as part of our training and capability building.

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