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Survey Manuals

Manuals on how to collect different types of data.

2018 - New Zealand - Unsealed Road Data Collection
 2.91 MB

This project aimed to improve practices related to the asset management of unsealed roads by focusing on the data required to quantify the performance and maintenance needs of unsealed road networks. Data collection and management of unsealed roads are still focused on operational processes because of their fast-changing nature and lack of useful information and guidance on management at the tactical and strategic levels.

A guideline on how to calibrate, validate and collect data using high speed profilometers. Includes a technical specification as a Word document which can be customised. An excellent resource based on many years of practical experience.

2013 - USA - Road Data Quality Management Manual
 4.82 MB

An effective pavement management system depends on reliable, accurate, and complete information. Having quality pavement management data is directly linked to the ability of the pavement management system to contribute to the development of reasonable and reliable recommendations and decisions regarding an agency’s pavement network. Pavement condition data are one of the key components of a pavement management system. Pavement condition data are used to model pavement performance, to trigger various actions ranging from maintenance to rehabilitation to reconstruction, to evaluate program effectiveness, and to satisfy many other purposes. While there are many different methodologies used for assessing pavement condition, ranging from manual surveys to fully automated procedures, the need for quality data remains the same.
Agencies take a number of steps to ensure and verify data quality, including calibration of the data collection equipment or the inspection teams, incorporating quality control sections that are reinspected to assess repeatability, and verifying reasonableness and completeness of the pavement condition survey. The ability to evaluate and determine the quality of pavement condition data is essential for establishing the accuracy and reliability of analyses made using pavement condition
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) sponsored the development of a Practical Guide on Quality Management Procedures for network-level pavement condition data. The Practical Guide provides information related to the development and implementation of a QM program, incorporating proven QM practices, and showcasing examples or case studies using pavement condition data from a variety of state DOTs.

This manual has been developed to assist North Carolina Division of Highways personnel in conducting a condition survey of the paved road network in North Carolina. All state-maintained roads on the Primary, Secondary, and Urban Systems are included in the survey.

The goals of the condition survey are to assist in establishing a uniform level-of-service for maintenance across the state and to help maximize the benefit of all dollars spent on the roads in the state. Other benefits of the condition survey include:

1. A ranking system to prioritize maintenance needs
2. A summary of the overall condition of the pavements in any area of the state
3. A uniform rating system for each Division
4. A means to monitor the condition of any section of pavement (particular special design, use of materials or construction projects)
5. An historical record of pavement performance and maintenance practices.

The previous surveys established descriptive and rating information for all flexible pavement sections of the state-maintained systems. A milepost scheme was also used to further pinpoint begin and end points for each section rated. All of this information has been stored in computer files and will be used in the 2008 survey.

2007 - Philippines - Road Condition Survey Manual
 3.19 MB

Visual condition surveys for pavements in the Philippines.
This manual has been developed to assist North Carolina Division of Highways’ personnel in conducting a condition survey of the concrete pavements in North Carolina.

2004 - Cambodia - LRCS Survey Data Collection Procedures
 2.37 MB

One of the best reports available on how to collect data for use in HDM-4. This presents the survey procedures adopted for Cambodia\'s network survey. It should be read in conjunction with the other reports from the project. Highly recommended.

2003 - USA - LTPP Data Collection Manual
 1.99 MB

This manual was developed to provide a consistent, uniform basis for collecting distress data for the LTPP program.

This manual provides a common language for describing cracks, potholes, rutting,spalling, and other pavement distresses being monitored by the LTPP program.

The manual is divided into three sections, each focusing on a particular type of pavement: (1) asphalt concrete-surfaced, (2) jointed portland cement concrete, and (3) continuously reinforced portland cement concrete. Each distress is clearly labeled, described and illustrated.

Specification describing WIM, the process of measuring the dynamic tire forces of a moving vehicle and estimating the corresponding tire loads of the static vehicle.

2001 - Laos - Road Data Collection Survey Manual
 16.29 MB

Data collection procedures from Laos Location Referencing Survey.

Report by MWH on conducting a location referencing and condition survey in Laos

2000 - USA - LTPP FWD Survey Manual
 1.19 MB

FWD survey requirements for LTPP study
Visual condition surveys for unsealed roads in South Africa

2000 - Hong Kong - FWD Survey Manual
 1.71 MB

FWD survey requirements for Hong Kong
Covering all aspects of road data collection
South African manual for visual pavement condition assessments.

1993 - USA - SHRP FWD Survey Manual
 7.23 MB

FWD survey requirements for the US SHRP project

1992 - Canada - Saskatchewan DCP Survey Manual
 318.37 KB

DCP testing procedure
OECD report covering condition surveys for pavements and structures

1989 - Hong Kong - Road Testing Manual
 589.59 KB

Prepared by the Hong Kong Highways Agency, covers permeability test, sand patch test, skid resistance test, surface irregularity test, and Benkelman Beam deflection tests

1984 - South Africa - Surface Texture and Skid Resistance
 132.05 KB

Sand patch and pendulum tester manual