Project Specifications

Specifications and terms of references used on actual projects.

2014 - Tonga - General Specifications
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General road construction specifications from Tonga.

2012 - USA - Geotextile Bridge Specifications
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Generic specifications developed for constructing geotextile bridges.

Report describing the introduction of Otta Seals to Tonga with detailed guidance and technical specifications.

Road design detail drawings
Specification for Highway Construction

Annexes to the Transit New Zealand 2007 tender covering calibration and validation requirements - which are based on different Austroads specifications.

2007 - New Zealand - Data Collection Quality Assurance - TOR
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Terms of Reference used by Transit New Zealand for procuring data collection quality assurance services.

Paper on the road specifications used in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which is based on engineering judgement and empirical testing methods.

This specification covers the requirements for aggregates for use in surface treatment.

2000 - Laos - TOR for Location Reference Survey
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Draft Terms of Reference for a Location Referencing Survey