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Road and Traffic Safety

Road and traffic safety.

2020 - World Bank - Indicators for Road Safety
 2.18 MB

A draft technical note presenting a hierarchy and set of indicators for monitoring road safety. It complements the World Bank's 'Good Practice Note on Road Safety'.

This is a detailed 3 h training course on road safety developed as part of the release of the World Bank's 'Good Practice Note' (GPN) on road safety.

There are two parts to the course: (1) covers the scale of the road safety crisis that we are facing, and how it can be adderssed through the 'Safe System' approach; (2) gives an introduction to the GPN and how its principles are to be applied on different types of World Bank financed projects.

2019 - World Bank - Good Practice Note on Road Safety
 2.58 MB

This 'Good Practice Note' (GPN) presents the approach for the World Bank to implement the requirement that its projects consider road safety. It describes in detail how to implement the 'Safe System' approach to road safety for the four different types of projects where road safety needs to be considered:

  • Type A - Transport: Transport projects with road construction or rehabilitation (e.g., highways, rural roads); urban transport projects (e.g., Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), metro); any project which leads to new or changed road infrastructure (e.g. through access roads) such as ports, railways and aviation infrastructure.
  • Type B - Other: Transport (non-road infrastructure improvement related) and non-transport projects which change speeds, traffic mix or volume, vulnerable road user (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists) mix, volume, routes or facilities. Examples may include policy changes on speed limits or vehicle import regulations, or the opening of a facility which draws trucks or pedestrians, etc.;
  • Type C – Construction Only: Projects with road safety impacts during construction only; and,
  • Type D – Vehicle Procurements: Projects with vehicle procurements as the only influence on road safety (e.g. fleets or even project vehicles).


2015 - Considering Road Safety in Project Preparation
 3.64 MB

Presentation given at the 2015 Australasian Road Safety Conference on how road safety needs to be considered in preparing projects.

2008 - France - Road Safety in France
 1.48 MB

Presentation on road safety experiences in France given at the Wuhan Road Safety Seminar.

Presentation from PIARC Conference on the potential for a second generation traffic safety project in China.

Presentation summarizing the World Bank’s work with road traffic safety in China.

Presentation discussing issues associated with introducing the concept of a second generation traffic safety project to China.

2006 - China Tunnel Safety
 9.12 MB

Presentation on the situation with regard to tunnel safety in China, and areas that it could be improved on.

2006 - China Tunnel Safety
 3.43 MB

Presentation on key issues associated with tunnel safety in China.

2005 - Road Safety in China: The World Bank's Experience
 4.1 MB

Presentation summarizing the situation on road safety in China and the World Bank’s experiences.

2005 - Asia Roads Conference
 4.1 MB

Road Safety in China: The World Bank's Experience. Presentation on road safety issues in China.

2004 - Hubei Road Safety Seminar
 3.11 MB

Road Safety: Issues and Solutions. Shows trends in road safety and implications for China.

15-03-26 Road Safety in PICs
 657.92 KB

Road safety issues in Pacific Island Countries.