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2012 – Australia – dTIMS Asset Management Tool User Documentation


2012 – Australia – dTIMS Asset Management Tool User Documentation

The dTIMS asset management tool which has been adapted for use by Western Australia Local Government Agencies (WALGA) is intended to be used to assist asset managers in predicting future road network conditions and to predict the appropriate amount of funding required to meet both specified levels of service and to optimise the user of the available budget.


This documentation provides the user with detailed knowledge and guidance of the different components within the dTIMS asset management tool to allow effective application. The components are:

 the deterioration models used to predict future pavement


 the data required in order to run the pavement deterioration models;

 the basic operation of the dTIMS asset management tool for connectivity with RAMM;

 system understanding to provide the user the ability to customise dTIMS to suit their local conditions.

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