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2008 - World Bank - A Users Guide to Road Management Tools


2008 - World Bank - A Users Guide to Road Management Tools

This road management tools guide gives an overview of 14 selected tools for road infrastructure management, and explains how they can assist road administrations and contribute to improving road management practices. This manual captures, in a single document, important features of these tools, scattered around in various documents and on various websites. By providing easy access to basic information for each of the tools, the document intends to promote their use in the SSATP member countries (and key partners groups within).

This road management tools guide is aimed at decision-makers in road administrations who may not always have the necessary technical background or time for in-depth study, but for whom a basic understanding of these tools may be desirable, if not essential. This guide is also intended as an introduction to first-time readers at the technical level. For these readers, this document provides sufficient information and the necessary context to guide them in selecting appropriate tools. It also strives to “wet their appetite” for a more in-depth study of these tools, which is a prerequisite for their application to real-life situations.

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