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Road Management

Reports on computerized road, bridge and pavement management systems.

RMS Reports

Reports on road management systems.

RMS Applications

The application of the principles of road management.


Other files not fitting into the above.

2021 - Timor Leste - Integrated Road Sector Plan
 13.9 MB

This is a comprehensive set of reports from the ADB financed road sector development technical assistance project. Detailed reports on all aspects of the sector from an excellent technical team:

  1. Road Subsector Assessment
  2. Road Investment and Maintenance Strategy
  3. Maintenance Program 2020-2030
  4. Road Maintenance Fund Policy Paper
  5. Organizational Reform Plan
  6. DRBFC Training Program
  7. DRBFC Manuals for Operations
  8. Road Asset Management Plan
  9. Levels of Service
  10. Operational Plan for National Industry

The Africa Community Access Partnership (AfCAP) has provided technical assistance to foster improvements in asset management performance in selected rural road agencies in four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The four countries participating are Zambia, Uganda, Sierra Leone and the Western Cape region of South Africa. The project promoted a change in the approach of rural road agencies towards the management of their road networks; it encouraged a holistic approach, where road agencies consider all six building blocks of the Road Preservation Pyramid. Based on the project, a practitioners' guidelines has been developed for effective rural road asset management. The guidelines include performance assessment and management tools that were developed and tested in the field.

2018 - Central Asia - Asset Management Practices
 2.93 MB

This Compendium of Best Practices in Road Asset Management was developed as part of the support of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program toward the establishment of competitive transport corridors; the facilitation of movement of people and goods; and the provision of sustainable, safe, and user-friendly transport and trade networks. This compendium was prepared in the context of CAREC’s Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020, and is aimed at improving the management and maintenance of CAREC road corridors through the sharing of good practices that exist within CAREC countries.

Although called 'Best Practices' that should not be taken to be universally applicable. While these may be best for some CAREC countries, they fall well short of what we consider best practices to be!