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2008 - China - Micro Enterprise Road Maintenance Technical Manual


2008 - China - Micro Enterprise Road Maintenance Technical Manual

This manual explains the different technical issues related to the routine maintenance of paved rural roads by maintenance teams. It forms the basis for the technical training that the maintenance teams will receive when they start working, as well as for the technical assistance they will receive during the initial period of their contract.

The manual starts by explaining the different road elements that make up a road, and which will need to be maintained by the maintenance team. This is followed by a description of the different types of road conservation, and how these complement the routine maintenance carried out by the maintenance teams. The third chapter introduces the different maintenance activities, the tools and equipment used by the maintenance workers, how much time the different activities take and how often they need to be repeated, as well as how to plan and organize them, and the condition of the road that the maintenance teams need to ensure in order to receive their monthly payments. The final chapter explains the different maintenance activities in detail, describing the different tasks that need to be carried out.

A Chinese version of the report is available for download here.

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