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2008 - China - Micro-Enterprise Road Maintenance Management Manual


2008 - China - Micro-Enterprise Road Maintenance Management Manual

This excellent manual explains the different management issues related to the routine maintenance of paved rural roads by maintenance teams. It forms the basis for the managerial training that the maintenance teams will receive when they start working, as well as for the assistance they will receive during the initial period of their contract. This manual also forms a reference document for the maintenance teams in the management of the team and of the routine maintenance of the rural roads. It should be used together with the Technical Manual for Routine Road Maintenance Teams that forms part of this same document series.

The manual starts by explaining the benefits of maintenance teams over individual workers, after which the management of the team is discussed, including the election of a team leader, and giving special attention to the management of conflicts within the team. This chapter also provides guidelines regarding the financial management. Subsequently, the manual goes into the specifics of the road maintenance contract between the maintenance team and the Communication Bureau, with special attention to the obligations of each partner, the remuneration to be received for work completed and the penalties that may be applied in case of unsatisfactory work. Finally, the manual deals with the planning and organization of the maintenance work over the year, and on a monthly and daily basis. Hereby the road inventory, the timing of activities and the frequency of implementation are used to define the workplans.

Chinese version is available here.

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