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2007 - Latin America - Summary of Experiences with Micro Enterprises


2007 - Latin America - Summary of Experiences with Micro Enterprises

This document aims to make a comparative analysis of this successful approach, identifying the main aspects which have to be taken into account in its introduction or expansion in a specific country or area. For this purpose, microenterprise-based routine road maintenance programmes in 9 countries in Latin America were studied, and the following aspects, which were considered critical in the implementation of a routine maintenance system based on microenterprises, were further analysed:


1.         Types of roads under routine maintenance

2.         Organisational modality of the microenterprises

3.         Formation of the microenterprises

4.         Contracting modalities

5.         Tools and equipment

6.         Maintenance activities

7.         Levels of service and performance indicators

8.         Productivity rates and maintenance costs

9.         Financing mechanisms

10.        Training and accompaniment of the microenterprises

11.        Contract supervision by the contracting agency


In the following sections, these aspects are discussed in detail based on the different experiences in Latin America, followed by some general conclusions regarding the approach.

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