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2010 - ADB - Labour Based Construction Methods Review


2010 - ADB - Labour Based Construction Methods Review

Labor-based (LB) method is a construction technology that prioritizes the use of labor rather than equipment and could contribute to poverty alleviation by creating job opportunities for local communities. Since the LB method is considered as one of the most important and effective methods in infrastructure development in developing countries from the viewpoint of poverty alleviation, many development partners have promoted the use of LB methods in their infrastructure projects, especially in the road sector. However, it is also known that the LB method has certain negative aspects. It is necessary to examine both advantages and disadvantages of the LB methods from a comprehensive viewpoint for appropriate application of the method to future projects.

Based on the above understandings, the objective of this study is to review past LB road projects and identify advantages and disadvantages of LB methods. The study also aims to summarize factors which affect the choice of LB method. Therefore, the study examines LB methods from several approaches including technical, economic, social, and institutional aspects. Recommendations of the study include some criteria for evaluating whether LB methods should be used or not. This study largely depends on literature reviews of past research, studies, and project documents on LB methods as well as interviews with people who have been involved with LB road work projects. Interview surveys with contractors in Solomon Islands were also conducted to identify contractors’ views on LB methods.

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