Chris Bennett's Papers and Reports

Papers and technical reports from Chris' projects as well as his presentations.

Road and Asset Management

Road and asset management information.


Other reports and presentations not fitting into the above categories.


Information on HDM-III, HDM-4 and their application.


Reports and presentations on geospatial issues.

Gender Based Violence and Labor Influx

Reports and presentations on Gender Based Violence (GBV) as well as mitigating the impacts of labor influx, including HIV/AIDS.

Films and Interviews

Films and interviews involving Chris.

Environment and Social

Environmental, social, health and safety.


Chris' PhD and Master's Dissertations, along with his PhD data.

Data Collection

Road data collection technologies and their application.

Climate Change

Reports and presentations on climate adaptation and mitigation.

Chris' Published Papers and Reports

All of his papers and major reports in one place!


Reports and presentations on the aviation sector.

No available documents