About Lis and Chris

 We live in Golden Bay New Zealand--at the top left end of the South Island. This is Lis and Chris in March 2018 at Farewell Spit.


Lis and Chris


Lis' background is a mix of Cardiac Nursing, Social Work and previously operating her Cats' Pjamas Organic B&B for eight years.  She is now "retired" which has freed her up to continue pursuing her hobbies of growing food organically, and volunteering in the community with everything from the Animal Welfare Society, to Age Concern and the Community Workers. 

Chris has worked in developing countries as a civil engineer for his entire career, and continues to travel more than six months of the year.  He is currently a Lead Transport Specialist for the World Bank, and the Bank's 'Advisor' for improving environmental and social outcomes on projects anywhere in the world. He sees his greatest contributions to the Bank's mission as his work spearheading the Bank's guides on how to address Gender Based Violence (GBV) and improve road safety on their projects. However, as the variety of his technical reports show, he's done a lot more! His curriculum vitae gives a flavour of this. He has stories of his life as 'An Overtravelled Engineer Working for the World Bank' at World Bank Traveller. As you can see from the 'Adventures' page, Chris' passionate hobby is long distance unsupported bike racing anywhere and everywhere. The photo below was taken in Golden Bay in 2020. When home he also acts as a volunteer First Responder with St John Ambulance as well as participating with other community groups.

This is a video of one of Chris' recent crazy adventures: in March 2020 he did an 'Everesting 10k' where he climbed over 10,000 metres in a single activity. 118 times up (and down!) a local hill.


And perhaps most importantly, we are owned and managed by Max and Coco - two adorable (!) Birman fur balls.